Precious Plastic Den Haag

We believe that you have more potential than you think. Whether you want to change your life, or have been stuck for a while. Precious Plastic The Hague connects all kinds of people. At our workplace, you are welcome to participate in our common goal: better use of plastic.

In our open workshop, you can help in your own way. Whether you want to earn extra, support the goal or buy a crazy gift for your friends. We transform plastic waste into Very Important Plastic and people at a distance from the labour market in Very Important People.

What do you get in return? Starting entrepreneurs and students find guidance in the workshop on the realization of their product. In the shop, designers can sell their recycled products and in the workshop, products are made on a larger scale. You can get access with your own recycled VIP pass.

Plastic is still waste. This while, it is a great raw material for creativity, entrepreneurship, art, culture, and connection. By consciously dealing with raw materials and designing a product ourselves, a valuable connection is realized. Not only with the product, but also with the people you work with.