Shaving using disposable razors has a negative impact on the environment because of the razors’ disposable nature which uses finite resources excessively and causes a lot of waste and harmful emissions. The plastic razors are impractical and uneconomical to recycle and mostly produced in developing countries, which results in excessive amounts of shipping-related carbon emissions. Additionally, the everyday use reinforces customer’s habits of disposability that may also influence other unsustainable behaviors.

Currently, there are not enough options in the personal care industry that have a low environmental impact, are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and economically sustainable. At Sustain-A-Blade, we fill this clear market gap by introducing a high quality and recyclable unisex razor. It is made of waste wood and ceramic and remains sharp for two years. We will primarily target young urban professionals with a pronounced willingness to spend on sustainable products. Market research has shown that they would like to have a sustainable alternative for their current razor, but not at the expense of shaving comfort.

We are an international and multidisciplinary team of five highly motivated students, and we will show that disrupting the wasteful and polluting personal care industry is possible with products for ‘hassle-free sustainability’.