Imagine if you could combine innovation, a hobby and a good cause all in one. This is what we’ve done at Tensail. Our patented innovation rebuilds tensile strength structures such as tents, from the ground up and allows us to scale these applications much faster, cheaper and larger than currently possible in any market. With an initial focus on the festival market, this innovation will make waves across many industries including a restaurant and stadium design.

Having secured the intellectual property, we can focus on our ultimate goal of providing large-scale tent structures for crises where multitudes of people are displaced, such as natural disasters and the ongoing refugee crisis. My co-founder and I are both expat children with a history of growing up in multiple countries.

We’ve personally experienced the aftermath of various natural disasters including visiting Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami. The effects of the tsunami had such an impact that providing an effective form of shelter for people, that could also be deployed quickly and effectively to maximize its impact became a repeating thought and with my co-founder we’ve finally cracked the innovation that will make this possible, all in all with production taking place in Den Haag.