Woodys Housing

Woodyshousing makes social and quality living accessible for students and young professionals. Since its inception in 2016, the company has developed a promising proposition through intensive research and product development.

Woodyshousing offers healthy, sustainable and practical residential buildings with 20 to 200 Woodys. You can live independently, but not alone in these ecological, modular and stackable residential studios. The rent is between € 450 and € 550 per month per person. By applying new technology in all its business operations, Woodyshousing is able to reduce construction costs, energy costs, maintenance costs and management costs significantly and thus guarantee this reasonable rental price. The integrated design of the system and the specific design tool make the system scalable.

By focusing on young people in the social rental sector, Woodyshousing ensures that an audience of inclusive living space is provided that will feel welcome in their new city. As a result, the city will have a target group that will make their contribution both economically and socially in the coming decades.