Winners of previous editions of The Hague Innovators Challenge

Winners van previous years

CricketOne (2019)

CricketOne is an ingredient supplier specialized in extracting protein from the most sustainable material – cricket

Wajenzi (2019)

Wajenzi is an investment platform connecting expat living in the Netherlands to investment opportunities in Africa.

Sustain-A-Blade (2019)

Sustain-A-Blade introduces a high quality and recyclable unisex razor made of waste wood and ceramic which remains sharp for two years.

HumanSurge (2018)

HumanSurge offers an innovative solution for the challenges humanitarian organizations face in mobilizing the required qualified Human Resources during emergency situations: the peak capacity.

Yapili (2018)

Yapili offers many Africans new opportunities to make contact with local and Western health workers in an efficient and confidential way.

Fungalogic (2018)

We are a startup that aims to build materials from residual streams, which we process into a natural composite by means of fungi.

Hack the Planet (2017)

Meet the Soldier is recorded in Uganda with the latest technologies in the field of VR. What makes it unique is that the main characters meet each other in virtual reality, while the viewer also is in the virtual world.

Budgently (2017)

Budgently is a bank-independent mobile app that helps young people manage with their money responsibly. Focused on young adults, more than 3.5 million people in the Netherlands have embraced the digital lifestyle.

Saferails (2017)

SafeRails focuses on developing a profile that can be placed in the gutters of existing tram rails. The profile supports a parallel bicycle wheel, but it also leaves a tramwheel unhindered by elastic deformation

Noordzeeboerderij (2016)

Noordzeeboerderij is a non-profit organization that aims to develop a sustainable seaweed sector in the Netherlands

Urban mining (2016)

Urban Mining: the collection of equipment and materials in our neighborhoods, to develop and optimise the potential for reuse of equipment and the recycling of materials into products that serve urban demand.




Seepje (2015)

Seepje makes natural washing and cleaning products based on the Sapindus mukorossi fruit from the Himalayas. As soon as the skin of this fruit sees water, it makes a natural type of soap.

Greenfox (2015)

GreenFox Social Return fulfills social return obligations for third parties. Their goal is to train people with a distance to the labor market to become specialists.