Unknown Group and VenturesOne Group annouce merger

Today, VenturesOne Group and Unknown Group have officially announced the completion of their merger. The newly merged company will be known as Unknown Group, with offices in The Hague and Singapore.
The merger brings the new head office back to ImpactCity The Hague after wandering in other cities. A logical step for a party committed to (impact) entrepreneurs on various fronts.
Photo 1: Edward de Jager (left) and Hendrik Halbe (right) during the opening of their new satellite office at Apollo 14 in The Hague in 2019.

Setting up the head office in The Hague is a conscious choice. It ensures that a stronger direct relationship with the impact ecosystem can be maintained. It will make it easier o make contributions to the ecosystem, through local collaborations, partnerships and investments.

The merger is valuable for impact entrepreneurs in the ImpactCity ecosystem as it brings with it more impact orientated capital and startup/scale-up knowledge.

“Unknown stands for supporting ventures that are intoxicated by the possibilities of global impact, but are real about forging an organic and sustainable growth path” – Hendrik Halbe, CEO Unknown Group

“We go beyond known with the founders of impactful ventures. Venturing shoulder to shoulder, with skin in the game, empowering them along their journey with a global scaling network and entrepreneurial expertise.” – Edward de Jager, Chairman of Unknown Group

With the new headquarters comes a total of 50 FTE’s. A part of this will also be active at impact hub Apollo 14 where, among others, the studio of the Unknown Group is based.
Read the full press release below.


February 3, The Hague. Today, VenturesOne Group and Unknown Group have officially announced the completion of their merger. The newly merged company will be known as Unknown Group, located in The Hague and Singapore.

Unknown is an early-stage venture capital and business development firm, supporting founders and industry leaders to successfully bring innovations to the market: a “Venture Engine®”. Unknown’s experience in global startup scouting and corporate venturing, combined with the investment expertise of VenturesOne, strengthens the ambition to increase the success rate of innovations that address pressing local and global challenges.

VenturesOne has built a diversified portfolio and investment structure and scaled companies from seed investment to IPO. With offices in The Hague and Singapore, their investment portfolio includes programmatic advertising market leader- JustPremium, mechanical exoskeleton pioneer – Skelex, natural skincare and cosmetics manufacturer – Naif, and  leading provider of data analysis from satellite and aerial imagery – Geospatial Insight, amongst other shareholdings in Food, Education and Insurtech.

Established in 2008, Unknown Group has developed a global network in innovation and entrepreneurship. Unknown partnered with more than 200 corporate and governmental organizations to scale open innovation and corporate venturing activities, such as DSM, Fujitsu and NATO. Unknown’s global startup competition, “Get in the Ring”, provides access to startups and talented founders in more than 220 cities, offering a global platform for thousands of founders every year to test, validate and scale their solutions.

Unknown Group’s portfolio includes the Global School for Entrepreneurship – an accredited University of Applied Sciences with a 4 year full-time bachelor program on entrepreneurship, and Cupola XS – a knowledge and innovation centre for SME companies in the renovated prison dome of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

More information to be found on www.unknowngroup.com