VanBoven Drones - Reaching for the sky at GES

From the 3-5th of June, the city of The Hague is playing host to 2,000 of the world’s best entrepreneurs who will gather together to discuss solutions to the toughest of global challenges.

Drone images for agriculture
One of these entrepreneurial organisations attending the event is VanBoven. VanBoven is a Hague based start-up founded in 2018 by three young technical entrepreneurs: Eric, Bas and Kaz. VanBoven is scaling up the agricultural and horticultural sector by analysing outdoor cultivated crops using machine learning algorithms. VanBoven’s algorithms are capable of identifying and analysing information using high-resolution drone images. This can be done on a global scale.

Sustainability is playing an increasingly more important role in the agriculture sector. However, sustainability can often seem to conflict with business results. According to VanBoven: “We make it possible to combine sustainability and profitability by working smarter”.

Looking to the future
The ambition of the start-up is to become a leading player in the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector. For VanBoven 2019 is all about technical development, further shaping our value proposition and validating our assumptions. The goal for VanBoven by the end of this year is to have three years of financial and partnership support secured.

The summit in The Hague
According to Kaz: “The Hague is a very important city for VanBoven. Not only because two of the three founding members live in The Hague, but also because the city is very close to the technical knowledge centre. It also helps that The Hague is very well served by public transport”.