Hague-based startup WellDecommissioned goes to GES 2019

In just under one week over 2,000 of the best entrepreneurs in the world will descend on the city of The Hague, who is hosting the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. There, some of the worlds best thinkers will present innovative solutions to global challenges.

Doing good and doing business

One of these challenges is the decommissioning of oil and gas wells. Globally there are more than 2 million open oil and gas wells, and as we begin the challenging transition to transform our energy supply from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy, we will need to say goodbye to these wells. Enter WellDecommissioned, a thriving scale-up based in The Hague and headquartered at Apollo 14, a dedicated space for entrepreneurs to contribute to a better world.

WellDecommissioned has developed an innovative method to tackle the decommissioning or reuse of oil and gas installations. According to Marc Nijmeijer, CEO and co-founder “WellDecommissioned has a mission to break the barrier of high costs by making the clean-up accessible. We do this with standard solutions and optimal work preparation. This makes the process much faster and cheaper.”

It’s essential work, if the decommissioning of oil and gas installations does not take place soon, the problem will transfer to future generations. Since cleaning up wells is complex, expensive and time-consuming, there is a danger that these wells will eventually remain open or start to leak, resulting in pollution of groundwater or oil flowing to the surface.
WellDecommissioned’s customers are oil companies, investors, suppliers, and builders of specialist machines and ships.

Marc: “We speak the language of large companies and multinationals in this sector, partly because we have a good mix of highly qualified people. The companies in our supply chain are enthusiastic about our concept, which gives us confidence. We offer our service with a small and growing team of highly experienced technical specialists linked to young professionals. That means we can have a significant impact as a small team. In 2019 we will continue to grow and expand our team.”

The goal is clear according to Marc, “In 5 years, we will be a leading company in standard solutions for setting up and executing these types of decommissioning projects, not only in Europe but also beyond. A concept that has proven to be successful. And our is software widely used in the supply chain.”

The summit in the city that is doing good and doing business

Like many other innovative entrepreneurs, Marc and his team will join the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 (3-5 June) in The Hague. The GES brings together 2,000 global leaders in entrepreneurship, innovation, investment, and policy to support deals that matter to everyone. Marc: “The Hague is the perfect backdrop for the summit, especially with all the side events the summit is providing. The city is one giant melting pot of institutions, entrepreneurs and investors, all of this combined with a pleasant place to do business. If you are a company that is wanting to do good and do business, The Hague just makes sense”.