Showcasing The Hague's signature innovation:

Meet the Institute for the Internationalisation of Law

The Hague stands out as international city of peace and justice. Many organizations within the city work hard every day to make the world a more peaceful and more just place. Increasingly, they are looking for answers to the difficult challenges they work on in untraditional places. 

The The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) is one of those organizations. HiiL is explicitly focused on new forms of collaboration – most noticeably, by bringing the creative sector into their work – and hopes to spark breakthrough innovations this way.

“We notice there are few examples in which the creative sector has teamed up with the international legal sector. We feel this is a missed opportunity,” says Wilfried De Wever, head of HiiL’s Innovating Justice Accelerator.

Collaboration in unexpected places
HiiL is ambitious about turning this around. That’s why it’s launching new initiatives to strengthen collaboration between unexpected parties. Wilfried hopes that the project will expose the promise that new forms of collaboration hold for the city of The Hague specifically, and the international justice sector in general.

“We hope to build awareness that the creative sector in The Hague plays an important role in furthering justice icon projects,” he says. “Not only can the justice sector benefit greatly from more creativity and innovation, the partnership will also create more jobs and provide more opportunities in general,” he adds. “We are looking forward to being surprised by exciting outcomes.”