What happens when you win the Hague Innovators challenge?

In this blog former winner Lieke Beelen of  winner ‘Visuele Voorwaarden’ explains what winning the challenge meant to her.

In 2015, ‘Visuele Voorwaarden’ won the Hague Innovators Challenge. Their goal was to easily explain the terms and conditions of general websites with the help of visuals. This way, users are better informed and can make better decisions about what they want to share and what they don’t want to share online.

What was the status before you took part in the challenge?
Before the challenge, Janneke and I were only talking about a collaboration and we had a number of brainstorming sessions. The Hague Innovators Challenge really ensured that we could get to work seriously.

What changed when you won the prize? And what did you do with the prize money?
We started with an extensive design process and an investigation into how people deal with privacy on the internet. Here you can find the report and the prototype that we then worked out.

What is the situation now?
Janneke and I have now taken our own course. Janneke now works under the name ‘Met Recht Helder‘. I went to law firms with the prototype and further explored the market. I came to the conclusion that more designers and lawyers are needed to really bring about a change. It starts with a mindset change before visual contracts will be ‘adopted’ in the market. That is why I founded Visual Contracts in 2017.

Visual Contracts
Visual Contracts brings lawyers and designers together. I help them change their mindset by organizing Legal Design Thinking training courses and co-creating new projects. Since last year we have really started to look into employment contracts. In the coming period we will be setting up pilots with various clients to actually implement visual employment contracts. In addition to our community that is international and diverse (currently 12 different nationalities), Visual Contracts clients include Aegon and Airbus Defense and Space.

You can see that the market for Legal Design Thinking and visual contracts has grown enormously. At the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki, for example, so many people come from all over the world. I dare say that this is partly due to a contribution from Visual Contracts and that would never existed without the Hague Innovators challenge, so thanks again for that!

Hague Innovators Challenge 2020
Do you also have an innovative idea, product of service that can improve the world? Then sign up for the The Hague Innovators Challenge 2020. This year you have a chance to win between € 2,500 and € 25,000 . You can register until 17 October. Click here for more information.