Guest blog by Euclid Network:

While the UK leaves Europe, Euclid Network moves from London to The Hague

As the UK bows out of Europe, Euclid Network (EN), the European Network for Social Enterprises and impact-driven leaders moved its office from London to The Hague. On April 1st EN officially opened its doors in Apollo 14 the impact startup building of The Hague.

At EN we believe that social enterprises are the future. Social enterprises put people and planet before profit, tackling societal challenges in a financially sustainable way. Yet, social enterprises still face difficulties accessing finance and skills. Also, there are still too many barriers preventing social innovation from spreading across borders. These prevent social enterprises from scaling-up and becoming European champions.

EN has a long track record as a pioneer in supporting the development of the social enterprise finance market. Working with members and partners across Europe and beyond, we:

✓ Create connections between social enterprise leaders
✓ Share and produce leadership, professional and entrepreneurial knowhow
✓ Influence European policy and funding and strengthen members’ and network participants’ EU engagement
✓ Raise the visibility and understanding of social enterprise in business, academia, government, and the wider society

Our work today is more relevant than ever, and the relocation to The Hague provides us with enormous opportunities for further growth. The focus of EN will be on accelerating support for social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders to create profitable businesses with impact. Our general rule of thumb is: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The social enterprise and social finance market in Europe are growing and becoming increasingly complex. Sharing knowledge and network will bring us far.