Redevelopment of Binckhaven Kavel 2:

Five nominees compete to make De Binckhorst even more exciting

On 7 March, the five nominees of “Challenge Kavel 2: The Urban Lab” will pitch their ideas for development of Binckhaven area. The winner will be announced on the spot.

Will it become a circular hotspot for startups? A social factory that ties together a variety of societal causes? An urban playground? A lab focusing on sustainable mobility? Or, a 3D-printed clubhouse? Be there, and you will be among the first to know.

Making our city even greater

De Binckhaven is located right in the middle of an upcoming economic area near the city center of The Hague called De Binckhorst. The larger area has been developing quickly in recent years. It has attracted a large number of creative entrepreneurs that are now intermingling with the predominantly industrial companies that inhabited the area already.

A number of old, vacant buildings have been turned into collective working spaces. This has pulled in designers, architects, artists, musicians, brewers, developers, technicians, makers, chefs and other entrepreneurs that now come to work here every day. Together, they are redefining the area’s identity.

Binckhaven Kavel 2: Adding even more promise to De Binckhorst

De Binckhaven – and specifically a lot that is being referred to as “Kavel 2” – is now ready for redevelopment. The development of the area is being approached as an “urban lab”. This means that the municipality is making a point out of including plenty of space for experimentation. At the same time, it is making an effort to safeguard the rough edges of the area.

To this end, the city of The Hague has organized a competition, inviting interested parties to come up with innovative concepts for the continued development of the area. The competition is titled “Challenge Kavel 2: The Urban Lab”.

Five concepts have been nominated. One will be awarded with a prize of a maximum of 50,000 Euros and the exclusive opportunity to start development of the lot. The competition winner will be revealed on 7 March.

Introducing the nominees

We gladly introduce the nominees to you below:

Mobi Lab. Mobi Lab (Mobiliteitslab Binckhorst) is an urban lab focusing on sustainable mobility. “We want to make people’s transportation patterns smarter,” founder Ben Van der Ven explains. “Ultimately, we want to altogether change our thinking about mobility by introducing experiments and new products, such as electric cars and drones.”

Bincksportcourt. Founder Ties Rijkers envisions a 3D-printed clubhouse that allows for entrepreneurs and youngsters to connect to each other playfully. “Entrepreneurs at De Binckhorst are looking for talented youngsters to add to their teams, but have a hard time finding them,” Rijkers explains, “Bincksportcourt will forge these connections playfully”.

Binck Social Factory. Binck Social Factory focuses on altogether advancing the circular economy. It will focus on finding solutions to urban sustainability. Examples of initiatives they will take on are: the growing of mushrooms on coffee grounds, the production of soup from left-over vegetables, the production of plastic out of seaweeds, packaging made out of waste paper, and the creation of employment for vulnerable people. “Circular dreams will come true at De Binckhorst,” founder Annelies Goedbloed says.

ReSourceCity. ReSourceCity will be a circular hotspot for startups that make use of local left-over materials. “I envision bread being produced with left-over grain of Kompaan Brewery or the re-use of valuable materials from electronic devices,” founder Sabrina Lindemann elaborates. In addition to being a lab, ReSourceCity will sport a nice garden terrace that will attract people from De Binckhorst and beyond.

ZIP2516. ZIP2516 will be an “urban playground” that allows for alternative connections to be made. “Currently, there is hardly space for spontaneous meetings in all of the Binckhorst industrial area,” founder Rico Zweers says, “the urban playground will represent a public space, 5 meters above ground, that is accessible to all. There will be space for events and experimentation. Adding this building to De Binckhorst will help the area to boast its altogether new identity”.