We're happy to welcome online health platform YAPILI:

"The Hague offers so much opportunity"

YAPILI aims to link people in need of health advice with doctors worldwide. It enables peer-to-peer medical advice online. The YAPILI team just moved into The Hague. We had a chat with founder Mindaugas Kaziulis to hear their latest.

YAPILI came into being because Sub-Saharan Africans, even in urban areas, have difficulty accessing doctors and clinics for physical visits. YAPILI aims to solve this. Its technology enables conversation between different parties. The platform is an easy-to-understand, conversational interface in a web app.

The YAPILI service does three things. It connects users to physicians for medical advice and potential follow-up. It maintains and secures medical histories online. And it contributes to improved global health by improving data quality and analytics.

Looking for a place to work

“The Hague is home to many interesting organizations. With a great municipality and its generous help, we feel more than welcome here,” Mindaugas Kaziulis says. “When having a social impact business like this, you need credibility from smart local partnerships. The Hague offers just that opportunity.”

Germany or Belgium were other options. Mindaugas elaborates, “Because of the existing networks here, we made the decision to come to The Hague. Access to funding, the availability of legal frameworks, and the overall supporting for impact business convinced us.”

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Where did YAPILI start?

The idea started during an incubation trip with German organization Ampion. The adventure was aimed to excel e-health progress in Africa. They then went on to visit multiple countries to conduct research and find inspiration. After a series of trials and errors, the idea of cross-border doctor matching occurred.

For more information, please consult their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.