Online platform YAPILI further explores the African market:

"We are here to close the gap by providing access to health"

The Hague-based YAPILI delivers digital healthcare by connecting African people to licensed physicians, both locally and internationally. The team is preparing for a field trip to two African target countries later this month. We checked in with founder Mindaugas Kaziulis to hear their latest.

The YAPILI platform, that is web-based and responsive, allows doctors and patients to connect digitally. It is accompanied by an Android-based mobile application. YAPILI is currently running a pilot project across Africa that includes seven countries.

YAPILI was started in 2014, by a group of four young entrepreneurs. “Eventually, our team grew to include skills ranging from front-end development to public health and policy expertise,” YAPILI founder Mindaugas Kaziulis explains.

“Our team is international, dynamic and committed to make YAPILI happen. We are here to close the gap by providing easy access to health advice and follow-up,” he adds.

Bringing digital healthcare to market

During the next phase of their pilot, YAPILI aims to explicitly position itself within the health markets that are targeting diabetes, HIV/Aids, and maternal care. “We believe that YAPILI has great potential in systematizing care for chronic conditions,” Mindaugas explains.

Later this month, YAPILI team members Sherzel Smith and Enya Seguin will take a field trip to Botswana and Kenya. They are looking forward to meeting users, doctors and strategic partners that are willing to work with them towards a traction-based business model.

“During this field trip, we hope to secure new users, get more exposure to the medical community on the ground, and meet with new strategic partners,” Mindaugas says.

Media exposure: help needed

“What’s more, we hope to promote our ideas via local media channels. We hope to be able to get extensive media coverage while there,” he says. “If there’s anyone in our extended The Hague-based network that is able to help us get in touch with media outlets in Botswana or Kenya, we welcome them to get in touch with us.”

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